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Council * Agendas & Minutes * Council Audio Recordings - 2017
Council Audio Recordings Disclaimer
© THORHILD COUNTY 2016 All rights reserved.  Without limitation to the aforesaid reservation, this recording shall not, in whole or in part:
(a)  be reproduced, stored, uploaded or transmitted, in any form or by any medium (whether by electronic, mechanical or other means), or
(b)  be modified in any way,
without the prior written consent of THORHILD COUNTY except that it may be downloaded by an authorized user for personal use only.

For information concerning permission, contact Shirley at 780-398-3741. 

Audio Recordings for 2016

* Please note there are technical difficulties with the audio recorder in the Council Chambers.  
As of February 6, 2017, Council meetings are not being recorded.  
The problem is being addressed and we hope to be able to record the proceedings again soon. 

Council Audio Recordings - 2017