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Bylaws & Policies

If you wish to view a bylaw or policy not listed below, please contact  780-398-3741.


Bylaws and Policies

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Social Media Policy  337 
Disposal of Assets and Obsolete Material 338

Control of discharging of guns in certain parts of County area 513
Control of "off highway" vehicles within the County 578
Customer Credit Card Payments 604

Coding for Gas Utility Consumers 705
Gas Administrative Charges 706 
Water Restriction - Demand C  733 
Water Restriction - Demand B  734 
Water Restriction - Demand A  735 
Licensing and Regulation of Concerts 791
Weed Control   812 
Registration of Contract Equipment, Contract Gravel Haulers & Haul/Load Rates   913 
Driveway Snowplowing 934
Back sloping  939 
Winter Road Maintenance    940 
Road Use Bylaw and Road Use Agreement 20-2018
Miilrate Bylaw 21-2018
 LUB Amendment L 13-15, 16P 5666CG 18-2017 
 MDP Amendment L 13-15, 16P 5666CG 17-2017
 LUB Amendment NW 5-60-21-W4 16-2017
 MDP NW 5-60-21-W4 15-2017
Procedural Bylaw 12-2017
Reserve Funds and Local Improvement Charges for Hamlet of Egremont Water System (944-93 amended by Bylaw (1209-2015) 944-93
Newbrook Historical Observatory 946-94
Hamlet of Opal Sewer System - Local Improvement Tax 958-95
Limitations on Use of Fire Hydrants in Newbrook and Egremont 959-95
Illegal Dumping Bylaw 980-96
Records Retention and Disposition Bylaw 1001-99
Tarping Bylaw 1040-2003
Off Highway Vehicles Bylaw 1094-2007
Adoption of Heartland Common Area Structure Plan 1101-2007
Highway 28/63 Regional Water Services Commission 1114-2008
Municipal Historical Resource Designation - St. John the Baptist Church 1123-2009
Municipal Historical Resource Designation - Sandhills Church 1126-2009
Municipal Historical Resource Designation - Ukrainian Catholic Holy Eucharist Parish 1193-2014
Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPPS) 1127-2009
Community Aggregate Payment Levy Bylaw 10-2018
Municipal Election Bylaw 1134-2010
Nuisance Bylaw 1135-2010
Natural Gas Rates Bylaw 05-2017
Collection and Disposal of Waste and Recycling  05-2018
FOIP Bylaw 1150-2011
Traffic Safety Bylaw 1154-2011
Schedule of Fees Bylaw
Animal Control 1162-2013 
Borrowing Bylaw (TWP 590) 1167-2013
Thorhild Elementary School Rezoning 1173-2013
Assessment Review Board 1178-2014
Emergency Management  11-2108
Regulating and Licensing of All Businesses within Thorhild County  (as of December 1, 2015)  1188-2014 
Land Use Bylaw  1194-2015
Municipal Development Plan  1195-2015
Tax Penalty Bylaw 1197-2015
Regulates and Controls the use of Highways within Thorhild County 1201-2015
Municipal Planning Commision Bylaw   1203-2015 
To Establish the Position of Chief Administrative Officer of Thorhild County 1207-2015
To undertake and complete the construction of a water distribution system in the Hamlet of Egremont 1209-2015 
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board 06-2018
Water and Wastewater Service Rates  06-2017
Special Levy Maintenance of Long Lake Community Block Wells 23-2018
Emergency Services   09-2018