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Agricultural Service Board (ASB)

The ongoing activity of Agricultural Services is to encourage production, profitability and sustainability of the agriculture industry in Thorhild County through information and program support.

The implementation of agricultural policies and the obligations for enforcement is specified under various Government of Alberta Acts including:

Along with the above responsibilities, the ASB promotes the sound management of surface water (drainage) on agricultural lands. Direction on programs and services is provided to Thorhild County Agricultural Services in regard to and in accordance with the budget as adopted by Thorhild County Council. 

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) is the Thorhild County Council:

  • Kevin Grumetza
  • Cheryl Pasay
  • Richard Filipchuk
  • Joyce Pierce
  • Wayne Croswell

Upcoming Local Programs

Agricultural Land for Lease

Thorhild County has the following land available for lease for agricultural purposes. Deadline to apply is March 17 2020 at 3:30 PM.

Thorhild County - Cash Lease Agreement 


Black Knot Fungus 
Black Knot Fungus is a common fungus associated with the Prunus species. The most distinctive symptoms are black tar-like swellings along branches of the infected plant.  Click here on how to control Black Knot Fungus


Thorhild County 2% Liquid Strychnine Program

Thorhild County Agricultural Services will be offering 2% Liquid Strychnine for purchase to aid in Richardson Ground Squirrel Control.  This is to be used for Richardson Ground Squirrels Only.  The applicant must be a registered agricultural producer to be eligible for purchase.  It is recommended to obtain your Strychnine early, to prevent infestations from occurring.  

Strychnine can be purchased from the Agricultural Services office at $10.00 per 240 ml bottle.  Contact the Department to per-order and book and an appointment to complete the application and arrange pick up. 


Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network.  2017 Forecast Maps are now available. 

Special Edition of the County Communicator on weed and pest issues in the County (August 10, 2016)

County Communicator (Special Edition) with a focus on the Agricultural Service Board and Agricultural Services programs - April 22, 2016

Important Notices:  August 26, 2015 

Risk of Invasive Species    Due to the drought conditions in much of Alberta this summer it is likely that feed will be brought in from out of province.  This greatly increases the risk of invasive species being transported into our area.  The threat from weed species is likely higher than from rats, but rats are continually looking for a free ride into Alberta.  With the high cost of feed there is a greater chance that old feed will be sold to Alberta producers.  Any feed that has been baled in 2014 or earlier runs a higher risk of having rats who have made their home in the bales compared to newly harvested hay.  Green feed and straw are the highest risk feeds to contain rats from out of province.  Please keep an eye open.  Producers should be extra vigilant if purchasing feed from out of province. 

Beware of Hay Purchased from Manitoba   A number of hay sellers are cutting hay along highway ditches with the intent of selling it.  These ditches are heavily infested with leafy spurge, bladder campion, common tansy, scentless chamomile and other weeds.  Further, this hay may be tainted with herbicides such as Tordon, Milestone and diacamba residues. 


Some of the Agricultural Service Board Programs are:



Agricultural Fieldman -
Clarence Dowhan


Agricultural Field Person - 
Sarah Kassian




Tours and Training: 

Agriculture Links:

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