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Assessment & Taxation

Property assessment is the dollar value assigned to property for the purpose of taxation. Thorhild County appoints a municipal assessor to assess the value of every property within the County. These property assessments are entered into the municipal tax roll annually.

Taxation is the amount levied against property and is determined by multiplying the property assessment by the mill rate. Taxes are collected to fund municipal programs, services and improvements.

The Assessment and Taxation Department also performs the following services:

  • Address changes
  • County Land Ownership Map updates
  • Business Licenses            

Access to Water Grant Program - 2018

For the purpose of the Water Grant Program, Residential Property means: 

  • Property within Thorhild County that has been assessed and assigned by the County Assessor as Class 1 Residential property;
  • Has upon it a building or structure that is designed for, and used as a permanent dwelling; and
  • The property cannot be feasibly serviced with piped potable water by Thorhild County. 

Eligible Registered Property Owners do not need to apply for the Water Grant Program. 

  • Current years taxes are to be paid in full by June 29, 2018.
  • Those on the Tax Installment Payment Program must be in good standing.
  • A cheque will be mailed out on later than August 1.
  • The 2018 Water Grant Program cheque will be $325.00 for each Class 1 Property. 

The program is not based on the amount of water wells on the property or water well drilling costs.

Class 1 Residential Properties in the hamlets of Thorhild, Radway, Egremont, and Newbrook are not elegible for the Water Grant Program, as they are serviced with potable water by the County. 

If you do not receive a cheque by August 14, 2018, and you feel you qualify for the Access to Water Grant Program, call the County office for an application form. 

Bylaw 19-2018 Access to Water Grant Program   

Thorhild County: Available Properties for Sale as of Sept 28, 2017

Mill Rate Bylaws 

Assessment Complaints

Notice to Thorhild County Ratepayers Mailing of Combined Assessment and Tax Notices 2018

Assessment Complaints must be received by July 25, 2018 accompanied by a $25.00 cheque.
2018 Tax Assessment Notice





Tax Clerk - 
Cindy Hutchinson

Appointed Municipal Assessor  - 
Dan Kanuka
Municipal Assessment Services Group Inc.


Municipal Affairs Taxation and Assessment 

Education Property Tax Rebate for Seniors

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

Seniors Financial Assistance Information Booklet

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