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Bylaw Enforcement

This Section was formed in 2010 to provide specialized enforcement services to the residents of Thorhild County. Prior to 2010, bylaw enforcement was entirely out-sourced from neighboring municipalities, and moving traffic enforcement is still contracted. The primary objectives of Enforcement Services is to ensure public safety, to protect County roads and infrastructure through commercial vehicle enforcement, to promote traffic safety on municipal controlled roadways, to provide animal control services, to ensure bylaw and development compliance, and to ensure public complaints received are handled in a prompt and expedient manner.

Enforcement Services - Complaint Form 

Enforcement Services - Fillable Form 
In order to use this form, you must first save the form to your own computer.  Please name the file in the following format:  Last name_First_Name_Date of Complaint.  
Do not fill in the form directly from the website as the information will not be saved.  Once the form is completed on your own computer, save it again.  Forms sent by email do not need a signature since forms sent by email are considered to be signed.  To send the completed form directly to Thorhild County Bylaw/ Enforcement Services, click on the box located at the bottom of page 2. The form will be "put" into an email that can, then, be sent.   
If you have problems fill out the form, please contact Arlene at the County Office at 780-398-3741 during normal office hours. 

The Pest Insider:  July 2016.  This issue is about rats.     


Component Functions of Enforcement Services:



Enforcement Services Supervisor
Bylaw Enforcement Officer (B.E.O.)
Telephone: 780-398-2815
Fax: 780-398-3748

Enforcement Services
Peace Officer, W.D. (Wes) Kardash
Telephone: 780-398-2207
Cell: 780-656-6230
Fax: 780-398-3748

Director of Land Use & Planning
Edward LeBlanc
Telephone: 780-398-2820
Fax: 780-398-3748

Traffic Safety Maximize
Animal Control Maximize
Nuisance and Unsightly Property Maximize
Land Use Bylaw and Compliance Maximize