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Enforcement SERVICES

The primary objectives of Enforcement Services is to ensure the following: 

  • public safety
  • protect County roads and infrastructure through commercial vehicle enforcement
  • promote traffic safety on municipal controlled roadways
  • provide animal control services
  • ensure bylaw and development compliance
  • ensure public complaints are handled in a prompt and expedient manner.

To file a complaint please call the toll free number 1-825-845-2020 or complete the Complaints Form and return directly to the Thorhild County Office.

If you have problems completing this form, please contact the County Office at 780-398-3741 during normal office hours. 

If you're looking to get involved in community safety, there is an active Citizens on Patrol (COP) chapter in Thorhild County.  To become a member you can contact Trevor at 780-656-8165. For more information about the program visit

Are you going sledding?  Click here to know where to go before you go!


Please Don't Drive Your Recreation Vehicle on Farmers' Fields!

The wet harvest season left valuable crops unharvested.  These crops may not be visible due to snow cover and can be damaged by off road vehicles and snow machines.

Remember, Permission is always required when accessing private land.

Report a problem to 1-825-845-2020.


Component Functions of Enforcement Services:



Chyenne Shaw, Manager of Emergency & Protective Services

Steve Crosby, Community Peace Officer

Evan Brown, Community Peace Officer

To contact an officer please call the toll free number 1-825-845-2020

911 Emergencies




Traffic Safety Maximize
Animal Control Maximize
Nuisance and Unsightly Property Maximize
Land Use Bylaw and Compliance Maximize